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11th Grade

Events: Advice:
  • Keep your grades up!
    • This is the last year that is calculated into your GPA. Make it count!
    • Grades improve your chances for scholarships and admissions into college.
  • What is after High School?
    • Use Naviance to explore post-graduate plans (employment, college, military).
    • It is never too early to plan a college visit or meet with an Admissions representative when they visit the high school.
  • What should I be doing now?
    • If college is part of your plan, then you should be researching and visiting college campuses.
    • If the military is part of your plan, then you should be talking to the military recruiters in the hallways.
    • If the work force is part of your plan, then you should talk to your counselor about work opportunities.
Helpful Links:
Crouse Hospital CHOICES Program/Volunteer Opportunities -
Health Career Exploration Camps -
-MedQuest at SUNY Upstate, HealthQuest at Ithaca College, Sr. M.A.S.H. Camp
Online list/database of summer camps in New York State -
Summer College at Syracuse University -
Summer Reading Skills and Speed Reading Programs at Le Moyne College -
SUNY Upstate - Health Careers Shadow Days -
SUNY Upstate - Volunteer Opportunities -
Syracuse VA Medical Center Volunteer Opportunities -