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Vision, Mission & Beliefs


The East Syracuse Minoa Central School District will be an exemplary 21st Century learning community whose graduates are prepared to excel in a complex, interconnected, changing world.



The East Syracuse Minoa Central School District will prepare students for the 21st Century by engaging all learners in meaningful learning experiences that meet the highest educational and ethical standards in a caring, collaborative learning community supported through partnerships with parents and families, businesses, civic organizations, and higher education.


Belief Statements

We believe that:

  • Each individual has dignity and worth 
  • The capacity to learn for each individual is boundless 
  • Curiosity and exploration stimulate innovation and learning 
  • High expectations and challenging curriculum lead to greater achievement 
  • Effort and perseverance are essential to achieve one's personal best 
  • Positive relationships are fundamental to success and growth 
  • Collaboration within and among school, families and community partners is essential to meet the needs of each student 
  • Acceptance and mutual respect encourages students to take the risks necessary for academic and personal growth 
  • Education prepares students to become productive and responsible citizens who contribute to their communities 
  • Students need to develop their strengths, confidence and resilience to meet the challenges they will face throughout life.