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Vision, Mission & Beliefs

The East Syracuse Minoa Central School District will be an exemplary student-centered learning community whose graduates are future focused and ready to excel in a complex, interconnected, changing world.
The East Syracuse Minoa Central School District will prepare students for their futures by engaging all learners in inclusive and equitable student-centered learning communities that nurture intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being.  We value and embrace diversity within our schools and through partnerships with families and our community. 
Belief Statements: 

We believe that:

♦ Every person has dignity and worth. 

♦ Every person’s capability to learn is limitless.

♦ Curiosity and exploration stimulate innovation and learning.

♦ Rigorous and challenging curriculum leads to greater achievement. 

♦ Effort and perseverance are essential to achieve one’s personal best.

♦ High expectations and positive relationships are fundamental to success and growth.

♦ Students thrive when schools, families, and community partners collaborate.

♦ Acceptance and mutual respect encourage learners to take risks for growth.

♦ Developing and nurturing students’ strengths, confidence, and resilience prepares them to meet life’s challenges.  

♦ Social and emotional skills impact how individuals think, feel, and act. 

♦ Students excel in a safe and welcoming environment.