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Schooltool (grades, teacher contacts, more)


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The goal of SchoolTool is to provide timely and effective information to students and parents to help students in their educational growth. The materials provided below will help you navigate and utilize this web-based resource.  Students and parents can also access SchoolTool on mobile devices after downloading the SchoolTool app.Please click on the links below to access SchoolTool and to open the User Guide that will describe how to log in for the first time, obtain a password, and how to navigate from a computer and their mobile app.

Please note: Users must have a valid e-mail address on file with the District to log in. Students log in to the site using their school Google Account and the Google button on the SchoolTool login page).

SchoolTool Login Page

Type of Information on SchoolTool

Schooltool Mobile App: Parents and students are able to download the "Schooltool Mobile" App, where they can log in and see information about current schedules, assignments, and attendance. Users can also decide to receive push notifications every time an assignment grade is entered in the grade book. The Schooltool Mobile Application is available for mobile devices (both Apple and Android).

SchoolTool:  ParentPortal Users Directions (for both web and mobile application)

For additional help, please view the following video tutorials:

Need Further Information?  
Please contact us at:  (315) 434-3493 
If you leave a message, please include your name, your child's name, phone number, and the best time to contact you from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We hope parents will find this to be a helpful way to assist their children as they progress through ESM Schools. SchoolTool will allow both students and parents to log in to ESM's student data system to review: 

  • Progress Reports 
  • Report Cards ( See below to view a sample report card)
  • Assignment Grades (middle and high school)
  • Contact Information 
  • Student Schedules (middle and high school) 
  • Attendance