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Community Service

What is considered community service? Volunteering for a nonprofit organization in the community or participating in the many service projects offered by school clubs and organizations. 

Does the service that I completed in previous years count? For 12th graders, only service completed from September 2023 to June 2024 qualifies.

How can I find service opportunities that will work for me? 

  • You can search for opportunities  online at 

  • Ask your counselor or teacher for suggestions

  • Talk to your club advisor or coach 

  • Follow @ESMserves on Twitter / X, where service opportunities will be occasionally posted

  • You can also access a list of local service organizations here:

  • Check with friends or relatives that work for nonprofits- they could provide you with opportunities

Where do I return the form?  Return to your social studies google classroom. 

Can I choose not to do service? Service is a graduation requirement in this district and will also be counted as a grade in your senior social studies classes. 

Community Service Form - Click Here to make a Google Copy.

School Wide Community Service Hours Link: Click Here for the form to input the School Wide Community Service Hours