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Quick Tips to Lift Your Mood

Your mood and emotions impact your daily performance and your ability to learn. According to a happiness researcher at University of California, Riverside, 40 percent of our happiness is influenced by the active steps we take to feel better.

Every person experiences mood changes. But, if you’re feeling “a little down” or sluggish, consider these tips to lift your mood:

  • Chat! Not with your fingers—actually talk with a friend or someone who’s cheerful. This is proven to influence happiness.

  • Smile! Evidence suggests that just smiling and looking happy can lead to a positive mood. The facial muscular changes that happen when you smile elevate your happiness.

  • Laugh! A Stanford University study shows that laughing produces a chemical reaction in your brain that instantly elevates your mood, reduces pain and stress, and boosts immunity.

  • Think positively! Turn negative thinking into positive thinking. For example, the next time your friend is annoying you, take 30 seconds to think of things you like about your friend.

  • Get moving! Studies show that regular exercise and exposure to light during the day contribute to fewer sleep problems and less depression. Taking a short walk can do wonders.

  • Look at old photos! Those pictures on your phone of enjoyable times actually help lift your mood.

  • Listen to happy music! Listening to upbeat music may contribute to feeling better.

  • Play with your pet! Animals can be awesome playmates, and they provide unconditional love.

  • Sleep! Studies show that sleep improves memory, physical health, and attention, and spurs creativity. Be sure you are getting between seven and eight hours of sleep each night.

Remember, if a low mood continues for more than a couple weeks and impacts your daily functioning (e.g., attending school, doing homework, or ability concentrating), reach out to a trusted adult.

Note: If you are in crisis, call or text 988, text Got 5 to 741741, or dial 911. You’re worth it!