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Tiers of Service Offered

Our model involves three “tiers” of services. 
Tier 1: Universal - All students
Tier 2: Some Students - Strategic/Targeted
Tier 3: Individual Students - Intensive 
Tier 1: All students - Universal

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) PBIS teaches schoolwide expectations and helps encourage positive behaviors from individuals while simultaneously eliminating negative behaviors.

Second Step is a universal Pre-k to 8 classroom intervention that teaches social-emotional learning around the CASEL competencies of self-awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship development and responsible decision making.

Restorative Practices is a grade 6-12 social science that studies how to strengthen relationships between individuals and also enhances social connections within communities.

PAX Good Behavior: is an elementary program that teaches social emotional regulation.
Tier 2: Some Students - Strategic/Targeted 

Promise Zone Student Engagement Specialists: work with groups of students to provide support, engagement, check-ins and restorative conferencing. They assist students and families in determining what is getting in the way of student success and implement interventions to help every student achieve their potential.

Primary Project (Elem- K-2): a national evidenced based program that utilizes creative play to assist young children in school adjustment, confidence building, social skills and overall learning.
Good Life (Pine Grove): provides in school coaching and mentoring and family coaching and case management for students at Pine Grove middle school.

Restorative Conferences (CHS): is a mediated dialog between students intended to repair harm and restore the relationship.
Sources of Strength (CHS): A best practice youth suicide prevention project designed to harness the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture, ultimately preventing suicide, bullying, and substance abuse. 

Tier 3: Individual Students - Intensive
Arise Child and Family Services: provides quality mental health treatment for students.
Behavior Intervention Plans: plans created for individual students to support them during the school day.

ACCESS is a short term case management service focused on the engagement, assessment, planning, and referral process for children and youth ages 5-21 in Onondaga County with emotional and behavioral challenges and their families. Family-school liaisons work directly with families — sometimes at students' homes — to create a positive, supportive relationship between home and school. They frequently connect families to outside agencies and organizations.

ARISE Mental Health Services: are designed to provide quality mental health treatment for students in grades K-12. Examples of students involved in our program are students experiencing multiple psychosocial stressors, such as anxiety, peer relationship issues, excessive worry, and depression. ARISE Overview and ARISE Information
  • Identified need for services - Identified need can come from the individual his/herself or from others in the student’s life. We accept referrals from a variety of sources. In the case of minors, a parent or guardian's consent is required for treatment of the minor.
  • School Based Mental Health Referral Sources: teachers, administration, school support staff, parents
  • Financial responsibility for services: Arise participates with Medicaid, Medicare, the vast majority of Medicaid Managed Care Programs, and private insurance. If a client does not have insurance or loses insurance, Arise offers a sliding fee scale based on annual income and payment for service is billed monthly.