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CHS Coronavirus & Online Learning Updates

Below are communications sent by the high school administration via SchoolMessenger listed from most recent to older emails:
March 31, 2020


Our remote learning is off to a great start!  We are settling into a rhythm and our staff members are embracing the opportunity to continue high quality instruction remotely. As we continue, we would like to share some guidance on supporting your child’s technology use.

Chromebooks: Please remember that Chromebooks are the property of the ESM Central School District and are to be used strictly for educational purposes. Software called “GoGuardian” allows monitoring of all activities on school-issued accounts. We advise parents to collect Chromebooks at the end of the remote school day. This will allow for accountability and minimize the potential for damage or misuse to occur. If your child needs assistance related to technology, please call the help desk 315-434-3024. It’s essential to leave a message so that the proper technician can respond. 

Google Classroom and EmailsStudents are expected to check their Google Classroom and email frequently. Teachers are providing assignments and tasks regularly. The counselors are providing important information via email to offer support and continue with scheduling for next year. It is essential that your child is checking his/her online classroom and email.

Video ConferencingWe are excited that so many Spartans are connecting through video conferencing.  Please remember that these meetings are for educational purposes and should be initiated by an appropriate staff member that is also an active participant in the group. Video conferencing and chats are archived and can be monitored. Students will not be expected to participate in video chats after 4 p.m. Students should not be using Google Hangouts for social chats.

Important Reminders
  • Students’ use of school technology must be supervised. This includes video conferences and awareness of interactions that are occurring. 
  • Only personal devices should be used for social interactions. (ex. Cell phone for FaceTiming friends)
  • Consider appropriate locations for video conferencing.
  • Be sure that video conferencing ends with all participants “hanging up.” If a participant does not remove themselves from the session, their camera could still send video to connected users.
  • Log in information should never be shared with anyone.
  • Use a schedule that works best for your family, but students will not be expected to participate in any video chats after 4 p.m.
We know as parents/guardians, you are doing your best to support your child’s education through continued learning. We also know that this has been difficult, and we are incredibly grateful and appreciative of everything you are doing at home! If you or your child need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teachers or to our school administrators or counselors.  We are here for you! 

Academic questions should be directed to the classroom teacher first, then your child’s administrator based on your child’s last name: 
A-F - Mrs. Krystal Ward, Assistant Principal 315-434-3300 ext. 6111
G-M - Mrs. Naomi Trivison, Associate Principal 315-434-3300 ext. 6110
N-Z - Ms. Tokinma Killins, Assistant Principal 315-434-3300 ext. 6109
Thank you!
March 16, 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians, 
Our Building’s Leadership Team met today and is working diligently to make certain plans are in place to support our students and their families. We are busy preparing for the transition to online/distance learning with students and families. We are facilitating staff development to ensure high-quality online instruction. 
Here is some important information:
Access and Expectations around Academics:
  • Continuity of Learning means supporting all students in continuing with their learning. New instruction will continue to help students build skills while learning from home.
  • All teachers will use Google Classroom as a foundation for distance learning, tools students need will be linked there, including lessons and notes. Students are expected to log in daily (Monday through Friday). Students are expected to check their school email daily as well.
  • While we acknowledge the need for flexibility, students should design and maintain a daily schedule where they take into account time for family, schoolwork, and self. Time management is essential to keeping on track with distance learning. 
CommunicationWe know that questions will arise and when they do please direct questions as follows:
  • Academic questions should be directed to the classroom teacher first, then your child’s administrator sorted by your child’s last name: 
    • A-F - Mrs. Ward, Assistant Principal
    • G-M - Mrs. Trivison, Assistant Principal
    • N-Z - Ms. Killins, Assistant Principal
    • Mr. Avellino, Executive Principal
  • Technology: 
    • At home connectivity for Chromebook questions? Call 315-434-3024
    • All students who attended school and identified the need for a Chromebook were issued a chrome book and charger today. If your child did not receive a Chromebook and still needs one, you or they may come to the HS during school hours this week. 
    • Reminder, Chromebooks were issued with the expectation that they are used for educational purposes.
    • Spectrum Cable is offering internet access for those that do not have it. You may call them at 844-488-8395
  • Counseling Department questions should be emailed to a student’s counselor. Please check school email daily as counselors will communicate with your child via email. Please use the Counseling Department pages on the website for additional information.
Please allow reasonable response time as we are unsure of the number of requests we may receive and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Special Education:
  • Our special education teachers and related service providers will be working collaboratively with your child’s teachers to design instruction to meet their individual education programs (IEPs). Teachers will be communicating with you to provide further information in this area regarding meeting the individual learning needs of your child.
  • District support staff (School Counselors, School Psychologists, and Social Worker) will be available to support students and families as needed throughout the extended school closure.

Due to the changes that are occurring rapidly during this time, please have patience as we work to adapt and adjust. We will continue to communicate with you as quickly as we can as these changes take place. Other district resources for free meals, technology help and more are available on the district  page.

Administrative Team Contact Information: 315-434-3300 Sincerely, 

Grenardo L. Avellino
Executive Principal