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ESM School Closings & Delays

School Closings:

School Closing & Delay Alert System: ESM uses an integrated telephone, e-mail and text messaging system called "ParentSquare." It allows us to contact each parent/guardian via their preferred method of contact to inform them of school closings and/or delays. If you are not receiving calls, need to change your information or need further information about the system, please call us at 315-434-3344.

Additionally, when it is necessary to close schools because of bad weather, power failure, or some other emergency, the closing will normally be announced by 6:30 a.m. on the local radio and television stations listed.

When school is closed due to weather or other reasons prior to the start of the school day, all school and after school and evening activities are canceled.  This includes all athletic practices, games and extracurricular activities/events. If after school activities are canceled before the end of the school day, the same procedures apply.  There are no exceptions.  

If conditions suggest a delay in the start of school, the announcement will be made as early as possible, usually by 6:30 a.m. A one-hour delay announcement means that all morning school bus stops will be one hour later than usual. A two-hour delay announcement means that all morning school bus stops will be two hours later than usual. In either case, there will be no morning pre-k. The balance of the school day will follow a regular schedule, including pre-k, lunch, dismissals, and extracurricular activities.

When a delay is announced, please stay tuned to the radio or television because conditions might deteriorate and require school to close. In that event, the closing announcement will be made by 7:30 a.m.

Occasionally, bad weather or other emergencies develop after school begins and forces an earlier than normal closing. In that case, radio and television announcements will be made indicating the time of dismissal.

Parents should arrange, in advance, to provide supervision for their children for those times when school is closed, delayed, or dismissed early. Make certain your child knows these plans, and in the case of elementary children, please share this information with your child's school office.

School announcements are submitted to the following media:

WSTM (TV-3) / WTVH (TV-5) / WSTQ (TV-6)


Spectrum News

Bus Delays:

When school is open, but buses are unexpectedly delayed, especially in inclement weather, have your child wait no more than 10 minutes past the regular pickup time before having them come back inside your house. 

Buses will eventually run their complete route, even though delayed, we stop and wait at each scheduled stop to allow your child time to return to the bus stop. 

In the case of corner pickups, please contact the transportation department at 315-434-3460, and personnel should be able to provide callers with approximate pickup times. Telephone lines can be busy so please exercise patience in waiting for a telephone line to become free.