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Tax Exemption Change for Seniors & People with Disabilities

Income threshold for tax exemptions increases for senior citizens and persons with disabilities

In a move aimed at providing relief to low-income income seniors and persons with disabilities during this time of high inflation and costs, the ESM Board of Education passed a measure allowing more district low-income seniors and persons with disabilities to benefit from property tax exemption savings.  New York State recently allowed school districts to increase the income limits for the first time since 2006.
These tax exemptions work on a sliding scale where the lower a household’s income is, the higher the percentage savings will be on the school tax bill, up to 50%.

The exemptions would apply to ESM homeowners aged 65 or older prior to March 1 of this year or persons with disabilities whose property is their primary residence and the combined income of all owners, and their spouses, is less than $58,400.
To apply, seniors should submit a completed RP-467 application to their local Assessor no later than March 1, 2024.  Persons with disabilities should submit a completed RP-459-c application to their local Assessor not later than March 1, 2024.  Applications are available online or at your local assessor’s office.
Anyone who submitted a new application or a renewal application this year for tax exemption will automatically receive the correct benefit based on this higher income scale. Those with questions on property tax exemptions are encouraged to call their town assessor.
A list of local assessors can be found on Onondaga County’s website and on Madison County's website.