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Pine Grove Musical is April 30 & May 1

Pine Grove’s Spartan Stage Jr. will perform “Emma, A Pop Musical!” based on the Jane Austen book, but with a modern twist.

The “virtual hybrid” musical will feature some footage recorded on stage and some recorded on Zoom and then edited together. Tickets will be $6 per person and there will be two online performances — April 30 at 7 p.m. and May 1 at 1 p.m. Please note that each performance has a DIFFERENT ticket link!

Cast List: 
Emma - Madison Wood
Jeff - Thomas Gallery 
Harriet - Madison Macomber
Frankie - Ryan Sullivan
Jane - Ellie Mancini
Phillip - Trevor McDonald
Martin - Anthony Shumway
Ashley - Molly Stiadle
Miss Bates - Aristyn Muldoon
Mr. Weston - Alek Gawlikowski 
Miss Taylor - Caroline James 

Freshmen Welcoming Committee: Isabella Brostek, Madeline Carr, Olivia Ferrara, Ermin Hajdarevic, Katie Hildreth, Kira Macomber, Faith Merkel, Laila Thomas, Elizabeth Zuber, Zachary Winans

Porcupine Dancer: Sophie Backus, Alaina Blok, Isabella Brostek, Ososeno Ikhide, Madeline Carr, Katie Hildreth, Olivia Ferrara, Malania Irons, Kira Macomber, Faith Merkel, Laila Thomas, Amra Korman, Christina McGarrity, Tori Vega, Elizabeth Zuber, Lexi Lupia, Caroline James

Harriet’s Dream Team: Tori Vega, Lexi Lupia, Rocco Cambareri, Alek Gawlikowski, Collin Powers, Emma Wilson-Hefti
Junior Welcoming Committee: Sophie Backus, Alaina Blok, Rocco Cambareri, Malania Irons, Caroline, James, Emma Wilson-Hefti, Lexi Lupia, Alek Gawlikowski, Tori Vega, Collin Powers

Highbury Prep Students: Leah Barone, Amra Delic, Makenna Buffum, Avery Wood, Amra Korman, Alexis McLean, Peyton Wickes, Zelda Lederman, Sophia Paashaus, Paige Hogle Meacham, Heba Labonoski, Madison VanEpps, Jahzara Murray

April 30 Tickets:  

May 1 Tickets: