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Public Hearing (3/1) School Safety Plan - New Pandemic Plan Component

On September 7, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed into law Chapter 168 of the Laws of 2020 that requires public school districts to adopt a continuation of operations plan in the event that the governor declares a public health emergency involving a communicable disease.  This plan will become a component of the Districtwide School Safety Plan approved September 3, 2020 by the East Syracuse Minoa Central School District Board of Education.

Therefore, the District will follow a similar sequence and process of planning and approval for this new component of the plan.  This includes convening the Project SAVE Committee (2/3/2021), posting the new draft pandemic component on the District web-site for thirty (30) days prior to Board of Education approval, conducting a Public Hearing (3/1/2021) and presenting the new Pandemic Plan component to the Board of Education for discussion (3/1/2021) and approval (3/22/2021).

Please click this LINK to go to the draft Pandemic Plan addendum.  Please provide any comments to Dr. Thomas B. Neveldine ( by March 5, 2021.