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PG Family Communications

Please scroll down to see sections on:
Distance learning 
Chromebook Usage Reminders 
rts for Distance Learning (phone #s, email addresses, Team REMIND Codes)
Family messages we have previously shared via SchoolMessenger.

Important Messages from Pine Grove to Families:
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Did you know you could check you child's attendance on school tool?
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Family Resource Page with a focus on Technology : Stop on by Mrs. Kowalski's page for a quick family resource on anything google, chromebook, or classroom, even a how to reserve your library book today!
Daily Screening Pass for Students

Below are Pine Grove messages we have shared with families
School Messenger 3/24/21:
 Pine Grove Families:
I want to share an update on the status of planning and preparation for those parents who have requested an increase in-person learning for their child(ren). At the present time, we are making adjustments to accommodate more students in-person with 6-foot social distancing. The District has requested clarification on the most recent release of guidance by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which has indicated a 3-foot social distance in classrooms is acceptable. We are also requesting clarification on the need for barriers and we are still awaiting further guidelines on transportation. 

We anticipate that all of this information will be forthcoming from the New York State Department of Health within the next two weeks, based on recent changes announced by the CDC.  Simultaneously, the District is reviewing transportation and food service systems and planning for maintaining our health and safety protocols when any changes are made to the current learning models. 

As a District, we are developing a draft plan with input from District stakeholders for a phased-in implementation to provide more students with the in-person learning model. As we move through this process, I will continue to provide updates. When the District receives approved guidance from the New York State Department of Health, the changes will be implemented through a phase-in process during the spring.  An increase in the number of days for in-person learning will be determined through the planning process as we consider the capacity and space needed in classrooms, the cafeteria and on the bus to implement the health and safety protocols. You will receive notification prior to any changes being implemented for your child.  

Thank you for your patience! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Ashleigh E. Wilson
Pine Grove Principal

School Messenger 3/5/21:
Pine Grove Parents/Guardians:

The Onondaga County Department of Health has issued a Policy Proposal to increase school participation to 5 days per week (more information/link).  ESM is reviewing the Policy Proposal. In the meantime, we are asking parents/guardians to indicate if they would prefer in-person learning 5 days a week or remote learning 5 days a week for their child/ren to help us plan and prepare for implementation.
Please fill out this Grade 6-12 survey (link) no later than Wednesday, March 10 to let us know whether you would prefer that your child to learn 5 days a week in person or 5 days a week remotely for the remainder of the school year. (Families selecting in-person learning are committing to students attending fully in-person only.) We anticipate a plan could be in place following spring break and continue through the end of June.
If you have any questions, or problems accessing the form, please call the Pine Grove main office at 315-434-3050, then press 7. 

School Messenger 1/28/21:
Pine Grove Middle School Families:

In February, our students will be taking their second i-Ready Diagnostics in Reading and Mathematics. The main purpose of the diagnostic is for our teachers to learn more about what each student knows and what they are ready to learn. This helps teachers plan instruction and support students' needs. Typically the diagnostics are given in class, but with virtual learning this will not be possible for all students.

i-Ready Reading Dates

- February 1 & 2: Cohort A and all virtual students

- February 4 & 5: Cohort B 

i-Ready Math Dates

- February 22 & 23: Cohort A and all virtual students

- February 25 & 26: Cohort B  

In-Person Learners: If your child comes to school, they will take the diagnostics in school. 

Remote Learners: If your child is a 100% remote learner then they will take the diagnostics at home on the days noted above. Further details will be shared by your child’s team. Here are some tips on how you can support your child if they are taking it at home:

Get Organized

  • Find a quiet space for your child to take the Diagnostics

  • Know the date and time your child will be taking the Reading Diagnostic and the Math Diagnostic

  • Ensure that your child understands how to log in to i-Ready

Support Your Child

  • Please remember that you can not assist your child with answering questions while they are taking the diagnostics

  • Encourage them to stay focused and do their best

  • Tips (link) for supporting your child at home before, during and after the Diagnostics.

Ashleigh E. Wilson


Pine Grove Middle School


Distance Learning


FREE Breakfast & Lunch for Students: Regardless of income, we request that Pine Grove families complete the 2020-21 Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals (online link) as this information is critical in determining District eligibility for other state and federal funding programs. A parent letter was recently emailed to each household. ESM is participating in two programs that provide free breakfast and lunch to ALL Pine Grove students. Now through Dec. 31 (or until funds are exhausted) a federal program is making meals accessible to both in-person and distance learners due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After Dec. 31, ALL Pine Grove students will continue to receive breakfast and lunch for no fee as part of a special National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program the school qualifies for this year. If you have any questions or would like to request a paper copy of the application, please contact the Food Service Department at 315-434-3304. Filling out a form, regardless of income, will help Pine Grove continue the program.

Google Classroom Etiquette

  • Please participate respectfully- if you wouldn’t say something to someone in person you probably shouldn’t type it
  • Remember your Google Classroom is being read daily by your teachers and your administrators
  • Be helpful! If a student posts a question and you can answer it for them, please do! If you can’t answer the question, please don’t leave an unhelpful or random comment
  • The Google Classroom is used for learning, please do not carry on conversations unrelated to an assignment, especially negative conversations. We’re all learning together. If you have a question or need help, ask your classmates or your teacher. The Google Classroom is not a place to vent your frustrations
  • Remember to follow the Spartan Way! Be safe, respectful, and responsible
  • Make sure you’re checking your Classrooms regularly
  • If you need help with anything, ask your teacher

Chromebook Usage Reminders


Please make sure you signed your Chromebook and power cord out through your homebase teacher. Chromebooks should be used for school work only. 

Please remember:

  • All Chromebooks have asset tags (labels, bar codes); Leave them as is

  • Chromebooks belong to ESM; Please do NOT add personal stickers or decorations or screensavers or (covers)

  • Please Do NOT put food or drink near the Chromebooks

  • Be sure NOT remove any keys on the keyboard

  • Chromebooks should NOT be left in unsupervised areas

  • Make sure your Chromebook is shut down weekly, if not daily

  • Keep your Chromebook and power cord in a safe place

Parent support--if parents have problems with connecting their student's Chromebook to their home wifi, they can call 315-434-3024. This will be staffed by ESM tech support staff. 

Tips for Online Distance Learning Slideshow

Family Resource Page with a focus on Technology : Stop on by Mrs. Kowalski's page for a quick family resource on anything google, chromebook, or classroom, even a how to reserve your library book today!

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Supports for Distance Learning

Main Office: 315-434-3050 prompt 7 (if no one answers please leave a voicemail they go to our emails)

Grade Level Administration:
Principal Ashleigh Wilson
6-1 Blue, 6-2 Blue  & 7th Grade: Associate Principal Shelly LaMarche
6-1 Orange & 8th Grade: Assistant Principal Nicole Petranchuk

Cheryl English RN  p:315-434-3053

Counseling Center:
6th Grade: Lindsay Cogan315-434-3052 x1513
7th Grade: Amber Atkinson 315-434-3052 x1514
8th Grade: Courtney Cameron 315-434-3052 x1544

School Psychologists:
6th & 8th Grade: Carley Griffin 315-434-3052 x1545
7th Grade: Michele Krause 315-434-3052 x1541

Grade Level Team Remind Codes:
          6-1 Blue:        @team61bl
          6-2 Blue:        @team62bl
          6-1 Orange:   @2c4a3h
          7 Blue:           @pg7b (for guardians)  @pg7bst (for students)
          7 Orange:       @pgteam7o
          7/8 Blue 7:     @7spartan20
          8 Blue:            @a9k3f4
          8 Orange:       @pg8orange
          7/8 BLue 8:    @8spartan20

Special Areas:
Librarian: Susan Kowalski

6th grade-Mr. Pounds
7th grade-Mr. Ashley
8th grade-Mr. Nicholson

6th grade-Ms. Modafferi  Remind: @pgart6
7th grade-Ms. Kent  Remind: @pgart7
8th grade-Ms. Ehrlich

6th Grade & 7th Grade: Ms. Trew
7th Grade: Ms. Dolbear

Physical Education:
Mr. Houck
Mr. Neff
Ms. Bright
Ms. Felicia

Mr. Penfield
Mrs. Mastrobattisto

Music/ Chorus:
Ms. Labatos  Remind-7th gr choir: @9e674e   8th gr choir: @8692bd
Ms. Paduano
Mr. Dunlap

6th Grade: Ms. Zdobylak
7th Grade: Ms. Cayea

World Language:
Spanish: Ms. Wasil-Espinoza
Spanish: Ms. Piraino
Latin: Mr. Buczek
Italian: Ms. Perla

Mrs. Brown

Ms. Dutton

Ms. Emery

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