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Pine Grove Counseling and Student Services


Pine Grove's Counseling Center Page 


Ms. Lori Lefeve
Phone Number: 315-434-3052
Fax Number: 315-434-3080


6th grade Counselor - Mrs. Amber Atkinson
7th grade Counselor - Mrs. Courtney Cameron
8th grade Counselor - Mrs. Lindsay Cogan

Support Counselor:

Ms. Nancy Chapellier

School Psychologists:

Ms. Jodi Lewis            
Ms. Carly Griffin 

For students to learn effectively, they must feel comfortable and happy in their school environment.  To help accomplish this goal, school counselors provide classroom guidance, individual and group counseling.  

Parents are encouraged to contact counselors if they have concerns about their children's progress or well being.  By working closely together, parents, counselors and teachers can help students achieve success.