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Testing for Lead in Water

The District has taken a proactive approach to testing for lead in our buildings’ water sources. In September 2016, Governor Cuomo signed into law new requirements to test water for lead contamination in public schools. National concerns with institutional water quality prompted the law. The legislation requires all schools to conduct testing and report results and any necessary remediation.

ESM buildings are on a testing schedule and new lead testing results are posted below as they become available. 

Not in the files below are:

ESE concession stand (July 2022): 

3-bay sink faucet - 12 ppb
bathroom faucet - 8.4 ppb
Both outlets meet the current standard.

CHS (Oct. 2020)
DF near B36 - removed from service
Minoa (Oct. 2020) 
Rm. 9 DF - removed from service
Rm. 11 sink - removed from service

Prior to the 2016 regulations to mandate lead testing in New York schools, samples were taken from most district outlets with the exception of Pine Grove Middle School, which was undergoing renovations at the time. Test results from those samplings have been received by the district and can be found below. The 2016 law called for additional sources to be tested, so the balance of the water outlets in the elementary schools were sampled in September 2016. More high school sources and all required sources at Pine Grove Middle School were sampled in October 2016. Results of those tests are also below.

All laboratory data has been reported to the Department of Health (DoH). We continue to work with DoH and our BOCES Health & Safety Officer to resolve all exceptions.

See below or click here to read the (9-30-16) parent/guardian letter explaining the testing & the new legislation