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Do you have information on a reunion that is being planned? You may submit information to Marcia Kelley at and we will post it for you. 

Class of 1997: Tickets to the 25-Year Reunion on September 24, 2022 are available for purchase at: Also, please use the link below to add your email address to the class list! 

Class of 2002:  Please connect via Facebook at  or contact Jim Powers at

Class of 1973: Anyone who wants info on the class of 73 should contact Greg Heidelberger at or 315-396-5386. He is planning a 50th reunion for 2023.


Completed/Contact information for other classes: 

Class of 1998:
 Class contact Shannon Johnson at 

Class of 97: Email Kelly Dutton

Class of 1996: Facebook page is ESM Class of 1996 20 Year Reunion

Class of 1991: For more information email Monica Millar at

Class of 1989: Connect on Facebook at ESM Class of 1989

Class of 1988: Class Facebook page "ESM Class of 1988 Reunion".  Class contacts or Tracy Callahan at 

Class of 1984 Check their Facebook page: East Syracuse Minoa Class of 1984

Class of 1981: Facebook Page is: ESM 35th Class Reunion Class of 1981

Class of 1979: Contact Sue: 315-676-0030 or 

Class of 1978: Met in July 2018. Class contact Russ Lee at 315-463-1866 or email or contact Dan Raulli at 315-439-3692. 

Class of 1976: Contact Mark Orr at 
(last time 75-76 had a combined reunion)

Class of 1975: Contact Mark Orr at (last time 75-76 had a combined reunion)

Class of 74: See info on Facebook at this link: 

Class of 1973: Contact Greg Heidelberger at or 315-396-5386

Class of 1971 Visit their Facebook page ESM Class of 1971 or email Class contact Karen Dunn at 315-447-8016 or

Class of 1969: contact Donna Drengel,; Jean (Girard) Grevelding,; Greg Benedick,; or Lou (Leonardo) Collins,

Class of 1968: Class contact Jackie Seaman Deegan at 315-463-4853 or ask to join the FB Page “ESM Class of 1968”. 

Class of 1967: Contact: Butch Schultz - Cheryl Chase Brooks - or Tom Donato -

Class of 1963: Class contact: Sid A'Hearn by email at