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Health at Woodland Elementary

Just a few reminders for your child to attend Woodland.

Physicals: These are strongly recommended for Grades K, 1, 3, 5. Please be sure to send/bring in a copy to the nurse's office. 

Vaccines Required in Kindergarten: 4-5 Doses DTaP or DTP, 3-5 doses Polio, 2 Doses of MMR, 2 Doses Varicella, and 3 Doses of Hep B.

5th Graders: Schedule your child's TDaP Vaccine! It is required for 6th grade.

*Flu and COVID vaccines are recommended but not required*

Please have health care provider fax any documents to 315-434-3450

Health forms & documents
Nurses Office

Phone: 315-434-3441
Fax: 315-434-3450

School Hours: M-F 7:45-2
Nurses office: M-F 7:30-1:50