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Additional ESM Athletic Team Rules

1) All athletes must adhere to the rules and policies stated within the Code of Conduct and HS/PG Student Handbooks.

2) Late to school policies (HS & PG) are governed by the Student Handbook, and Principals/Asst. Principals  will administer consequences pursuant to these policies which may affect practice or game participation.

3) All team members are expected to demonstrate the highest possible standards of sportsmanship at all times.  Failure to do so will have immediate consequences.

4) Players must always present a favorable image as student-athletes at all times.  You represent yourself, your family, and ESM with your behavior on and off the field.

5) Players are expected to be on time and attend all practice sessions. They will be notified in advance of the practice/game schedule.  Any conflicts must be resolved with a coach prior to the scheduled practice.

6) Players must return all school issued equipment or be responsible for its cost of replacement.

7) Hazing is any action or activity which inflicts physical or mental harm or anxiety, or which demeans, degrades, or disgraces a person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of participants. This type of behavior will not be tolerated at any time.

Transportation (Away Contests):

1) Student­-Athletes must ride on district­ supplied transportation to and from interscholastic
athletic events. (Exceptions: see # 2 and #3 below)

2) Coaches should only give permission for a Student-­Athlete to ride home after a contest with
his/her parent/legal guardian provided the parent has made this request in person to the coach
and signed the alternate transportation form.

3) Only a parent may transport his/her child, unless a (signed) note is provided by the parent
explaining the extenuating circumstances for an immediate relative to take on that responsibility.

Vacation, DQ, PE:

Vacation Policy

Any Varsity athlete who misses a game(s) and/or practice(s) over a vacation break is subject to any of the consequences listed below as  determined by the Head Coach.  (Any school or vacation activity conflicts need to be resolved prior  to cuts or the first contest).

Any JV or MOD athlete missing a game and/or practice over a vacation will miss that total # of days upon arrival back from vacation   (Example: if they miss 2 games and 3 practices over vacation, they then miss any games during their next 5 school days back from vacation).  However, they will still participate in any practices upon arrival back.

Disqualification Policy

A player who is ejected from a contest shall not be permitted to participate in the next scheduled contest (Section III ruling). A second ejection is 2 game suspension, and a  3rd game ejection is for the remainder of the season.  Note:  if an ejection occurs at the end  of a season, the suspension will carry over to the next sport season they participate in.

Physical Education Policy

Athletes are required to participate in Physical Education on game days. The participation includes dressing down and being involved in the given activity.


The coach and/or administration reserve the right to determine any disciplinary action for failure to abide by any rules where the punishment is not specifically stated within the Code of Conduct and/or Student Handbook.  This disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to, warnings, playing time reductions, game suspensions, and dismissal from the team for the remainder of the year.

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