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Eligibility Expectations

The East Syracuse Minoa Central School District recognizes that use of tobacco, drugs and/or alcohol among students is a serious problem with legal, physical, emotional and social implications for the entire community. This is particularly important with regard to extracurricular program participants where the physical and mental exertion required by the activity could magnify the detrimental effect of substance use.

In addition, anti-social behaviors bring about harm to the victim, community, and reputations of the offending student and East Syracuse Minoa Schools. The School District is mindful of its vision statement which resolves to establish an environment reflecting ethical standards and appropriate values while promoting leadership skills, work ethic, and responsible behavior.
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Reporting of Violations
Responses to Violations


In order to participate in any extracurricular activity, a student shall not:

1) Use tobacco (which includes chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, & tobacco alternatives, e-cigs, vapes, etc...);

2) Use, possess, consume, or be under the influence of alcohol;

3) Use, possess, consume, be under the influence of, buy, sell, or give away any marijuana or any controlled substance, nor any substance represented as a controlled substance (a lookalike); or

4) Commit serious offenses on or off school property which includes, for example, assault, felonies, serious misdemeanors and the like.

It is not a violation for a student to use legally defined drugs prescribed for the student's own use by a doctor. School policy requires that the prescribed medication be in the possession of the school nurse while in school.

Reporting of Violations

1) Reports of alleged violations coming from the individuals listed (a-d) below, having personally witnessed the alleged violation, must be investigated. The principal and/or AD must attempt to obtain a signed report outlining the alleged violations within three school days of receiving the information.

a. Any District employee or School Board member.
b. Any adult acting as a chaperone or assisting with a school activity at the request of a District employee.
c. Any law enforcement officer or agency.
d. A parent or legal guardian of the student involved.

2) Reports of alleged violations from persons other than those mentioned above (a-d) must be made by the person witnessing the incident who shall submit a written and signed report to the principal and/or AD. The principal and/or AD shall investigate to determine whether there is a basis to proceed with disciplinary action.


Upon report of an alleged violation of Rules 1, 2, 3 or 4, the principal shall immediately provide verbal notice, followed by written notice, to the student and his or her parents or guardian that an investigation of the alleged violation is taking place. The reasons for the investigation and the possibility of suspension or removal from extracurricular activities will be included in the notice. The activity advisor and/or coach and Athletic Director, as well as the student's guidance counselor, will also be informed immediately. The counselor will meet with the student as soon as possible to determine if further intervention is necessary.

The student and the student's parents or guardian will meet with the Superintendent or his or her designee, as appropriate, within two school days following the official, written notification to the student or parent of the alleged violation. Those attending the meeting will be given the opportunity to question the information upon which the alleged violation is based, and to submit additional information or explanations.

Once the Superintendent or his or her designee makes a final determination in the matter, verbal and written notice will be given promptly to both students and parents or guardian.

Responses to Violations:

First Violation of Rules 1, 2, and 3:

Upon determination of a first violation of Rules 1, 2, or 3, the student will be removed from participation in any and all extracurricular activities for two to four school weeks.

First Rule 4 Violation and Second Violation of Rules 1, 2, and 3:

Upon determination of a subsequent violation of Rules 1, 2, or 3 during that school year or a Rule 4 violation, the student will be removed from participation in all extracurricular activities for 10 to 20 school weeks.

Second Rule 4 Violation and Third Violation of Rules 1, 2, and 3:

During the school year, upon determination of violation in excess of those outlined in #2 (above), the student will be removed from participation in all activities for the duration of the year. The following year the student will be placed on probation at the discretion of the principal.

*The severity of penalties within stated ranges is determined by seriousness of offense and may be mitigated by participation of students in counseling sessions both individually and/or with parents. Students must meet all state and District mandates, both academic and extracurricular, which are in effect for the School District.

In the event that the school year ends before the full assessment of a penalty is completed, the remaining removal weeks carry over to the next school year and the individual removed from participation remains ineligible until the removal period is completed.

Nothing in this regulation will prevent a coach or advisor from promulgating rules and investigating allegations of misconduct not specified herein. If the coach or advisor finds that the conduct warrants disciplinary action, the procedures set forth above will be implemented by the Superintendent or designee, with the full range of penalties available for imposition at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee.


The appeals process will be in accordance with those procedures established in the Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

This regulation is in addition to (not in place of) existing policies and regulations of the School District and will be promulgated in student handbooks. The District will request returned receipts (sample found in Student Handbook) showing that students and parents have read this material. Any student who is out of school due to other disciplinary infractions may not participate in school sports or activities during the suspension period.

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