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Eligibility Rules


East Syracuse Minoa students are privileged to participate in extracurricular activities or sports. These activities are important components of our total educational program. Successful participation in activities outside of the regular school day requires an extra measure of time, energy and commitment.

Students must be able to meet the additional time and energy demands of club and sport participation.  Students must evidence appropriate maturity in terms of being in control of themselves at all times. As role models, and as representatives of our school community, school club and/or sports participants have an extra degree of responsibility.

We urge parents and students to seriously discuss the impact of the extra time and energy required to participate in extracurricular activities and the very strict eligibility rules a student must follow to remain qualified for these activities. See below for specific information on Academic Eligibility and Award Recognition.

Academic Eligibility:

1. A student must carry a minimum of four (4) credit-bearing subjects, including Physical Education  (which is a credit-bearing subject) per semester. 

2. To be eligible for participation in any athletic or extra-curricular activity or club, a student must pass at least five credit bearing courses (or ALL of scheduled classes if taking only 4) with a 65 or above average, at the end of each report card period.

3. A student who does not pass the minimum credit bearing classes is deemed ineligible for the first time during an athletic or performance season will be placed on probation for up to a two week period. During this period the student is allowed to practice with the team but may not play in a contest. However, if a student meets the grade requirement of 65 or above in five or more classes (or is passing all classes if scheduled for less than five) during the two week period, the probation will be lifted and the student may participate fully in the sport or activity. The coach/director will contact parents, informing them of their child's status as well as the opportunity to rejoin the team/organization as soon as eligibility requirements are met.

4. Incompletes are not counted as failed or passed courses. A student who does not make up incompletes within the two-week period will remain ineligible until the next report card issue.

5.  If a student is deemed ineligible twice in one season (winter/spring) he or she will be placed on a mandatory two week probation. Communication will be shared between the students administrator, school counselor, coach and a parent. The administrator will schedule a meeting with all stake holders (parent, student, coach/director, counselor and administrator) to discuss interventions, progress made, a plan to move forward, and the impact on the student's ability to participate.

6. If a student is late to school (after 10:30 am), absent or leaves school due to illness or is illegally absent from school, he/she cannot participate in an athletic practice or game on that day. If a student is legally excused from school for reasons other than illness, he/she will be allowed to participate. The administration reserves the right to investigate the validity of any excuse, including written verification from doctors, clinics, Motor Vehicle Bureau, probation officers or colleges.

7. Athletic eligibility is determined for each sport season as follows:

  • Fall Sports: Final averages from the June report card and August report card (if summer school is attended) will be used to attain the minimum credit bearing subjects for eligibility.
  • Winter Sports: First marking period grades on the report card will be used to attain the minimum credit bearing subjects for eligibility.
  • Spring Sports: Final averages from semester courses and 2nd marking period grades from yearlong courses are used to attain the minimum credit bearing subjects for eligibility.  Students must be passing the minimum credit bearing subjects on the 3rd marking  period report card to remain eligible.

In January and June, the final average of a course on the report card takes precedent over the (2nd or 4th) marking period grade.

8. A student who becomes academically eligible after the start of a particular sport season, he/she may make a formal written request to the Director of Athletics and Coach to be allowed to participate on a non-cut sport only.  No request for participation will be accepted for a particular sport that makes cuts to determine their final roster.

9. Any appeal must be made to the Director of Athletics and/or High School Principal.


Award Recognition Eligibility:

In order to receive any postseason athletic recognition (such as but not limited to pins, letters, certificates, trophies, media recognition, banquet attendance), an athlete must complete an entire sports season in good standing,  including non-league, sectional, regional and state interscholastic athletic contests.

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