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Bona-Fide Student / Coach Meetings / Playing Time

Bona-Fide Student-Athlete:
  1. Age and Grade: According to NYS Regulations, a pupil shall be eligible for senior high school athletic competition in a sport during each of four consecutive seasons of such sport commencing with the pupil’s entry into the ninth grade and prior to graduation, except as otherwise provided in the APP.
  2. Athletes must be academically as well as athletically eligible by age and number of years in high school sports in addition to having met the medical requirements noted on the previous page.
  3. All new athletes coming into the district must have their backgrounds checked immediately to ensure eligibility is in compliance with the Section III Transfer Rule.
  4. All foreign exchange students must complete a separate eligibility form and receive approval before participating in any athletic event.
Parent/Coach Meeting (Agenda):
A mandatory Parent/Guardian meeting will be held prior to each season by the particular coach of each sport. Topics and handouts covered will include:
  • Extracurricular/Athletic Eligibility Rules Permission
  • Team Rules, Goals, Playing Time
  • Expectations of Players
  • Team Practice/Game Schedules/Web Site Information
  • Parent/Guardian Role and follow Sportsmanship Contract
  • Establishment of a cell phone and email tree for communication.
ESM Playing Time Procedures:
An often-controversial issue in athletics is the amount of time that each athlete is allowed to participate. Not all athletes possess the same skills, desire, and potential for success. Many factors determine the amount of playing time that an athlete gets during games. Some factors include (but are not limited to):
  • Attitude as demonstrated during practice.
  • Practice Attendance
  • Hustle During Practice
  • Understanding of concepts, rules &strategies as demonstrated in practice.
  • Executing skills as demonstrated in practice.
  • Physical Condition
  • The quality of other players at that position.
  • The athlete’s ability to contribute to team success.
  • The score of the game and the time remaining.
  • Program Level (V, JV, Modified)
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