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Spectator Guidelines

The ESM Central School administration and supervisory staff will enforce the following Section III and New York State Public High School Association guidelines at all athletic events.

We ask for your cooperation in enforcing the following rules:

1) There will be cooperation with referees and school officials.

2) There will be no objectionable cheers, unsafe, or unsportsmanlike behavior.

3) Smoking, drugs, and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on school grounds.

4) Please report any emergency to the Scorer’s table or one of the ESM Supervisors.

5) Avoid actions which are offensive.

6) Show appreciation of good play by both teams.

7) Learn the rules of the game.

8) Let the coaches coach.  Do not attempt to coach athletes before or during a contest or practice.

9) Accept the judgment of coaches and officials.

10) Encourage the other spectators to participate in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

11) Always be positive.

12) No noise makers of any kind.

13) No dogs, cats or other animals allowed on ESM School District property.

Your cooperation in following district, league, Section III and State rules will be greatly appreciated, and anyone failing to cooperate with these guidelines will be required to leave the premises. Students may be suspended for the school year from spectating at all events if administration deems their behavior warrants such action.

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