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Philosophy & Mission Statement


In the ESM Central School District we believe that interscholastic athletics are an integral part of the educational experience for those students afforded the privilege to participate.

At ESM, the lessons learned in the classroom do not end when the dismissal bell rings. Instead, athletics serve as an extension of the school day, with coaches as teachers, and the playing fields and gymnasiums as the classrooms. 

The lessons taught in these classrooms are intended to help our student-athletes become productive members of our community, and responsible citizens in today’s complex, interconnected, and changing world.


The ESM Athletic Department is committed to:

  • Encouraging good sportsmanship at every level of competition from all of our stakeholders, including: coaches, players, and spectators.
  • Creating positive learning experiences, and overall enjoyment of participation, for all those involved in interscholastic athletics.
  • Capitalizing on the tremendous opportunity to influence and impact the lives of our student-athletes.
  • Preparing our student-athletes for the next level of life, not the next level of competition.
  • Ensuring a first-class experience for all of those directly, or indirectly, involved in our programs.
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