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Leah Cushing

Leah Cushing and her husband, Robert, live in Kirkville. They have three children who are ESM graduates.

Mrs. Cushing is the postmaster in Minoa for the U.S. Postal Service and is also an ESM graduate. She has a bachelor of arts in psychology from Syracuse University. She has served three terms (12 years) on the ESM Board of Education.
Philosophy of Education: My philosophy is exemplified in ESM’s Vision and Mission of ensuring our graduates are prepared to excel in whatever path they choose—college, technical school, military or career. It is imperative we provide a quality education that recognizes different interests, skills and abilities, for every child.

I am proud to serve a district that is always looking forward to provide a curriculum that recognizes the changing world and the skills that will be most valuable to our students in the future. I believe offering vocational classes, art, music and athletics, along with our core curriculum, assists in keeping our students engaged and well rounded.

I am conscious of my duty to see the educational needs of our students, as well as the fiscal responsibility to the community. I believe a good school district is essential to a community as it attracts new residents and encourages graduates to return with their families. As ESM graduates, my husband and I chose to raise our children here. Our community will continue to benefit from continued excellence in education at ESM.