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Lori Aird



Lori Aird and her husband Daniel live in East Syracuse. They have three children: Dylan, Rachel and Dalton who are ESM graduates.

A resident of the district for 15 years, Mrs. Aird is a program manager for SRC, Inc. She has a bachelor’s degree from Clarkson University.

She is currently a member of ESM’s School to College and Career Advisory Board and treasurer of the ESM Marching Band Boosters Organization. She is a past treasurer of ESM Youth Sports.

She enjoys all sports and has competed in the Iron Girl Triathlon. Because of her passion for volleyball, she started a volleyball program for ESM Youth Sports in 2006.

Statement of Philosophy of Education: As a mother of three I have seen firsthand that children mature and develop at their own pace, have unique interests, and develop their own learning styles. I believe in an education system that recognizes individual learning styles, motivates students to learn and provides a safe learning environment.

The end goal of high school is not only a diploma, but to prepare students to be successful in the next chapter of their life, whether that is college, the military, or the workforce.  Extra-curricular activities help students develop leadership skills while giving them opportunities to be collaborative and learn how to problem solve. Just as important to the development of the whole child is the emphasis on the importance of serving the community we live in.

As a member of the Board of Education, I will advocate for our students to have a rich curriculum and learning opportunities to prepare them for global opportunities. It is important to prepare students socially, academically and provide them with the skills that enable success beyond high school.