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Reopening of School Confirmation Form


We have shared information to help explain your options of distance learning and in-person learning to return to school this fall. If you are ready to confirm your family's decision, please use the links below for your child/ren's specific school. If you need further information prior to making a decision, visit This page also has information on the upcoming virtual parent meetings.

If you are now ready to confirm your family’s final decision of in-person or distance learning for this fall for your child(ren), you can fill out the Reopening of School Confirmation Form below. Please complete one form for each child using the link to their specific school.

We realize that in some families, both parents/guardians receive ESM emails. PLEASE have ONLY ONE parent/guardian fill out the form for each child. To allow time for the complex scheduling of transportation and classroom occupancy, the confirmation forms are due this Friday, August 14. Please note that families must wait until after the second marking period in February 2021 if they want to change models.

Please be aware that conditions may change based on the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact.

If you have previously completed the form, you DO NOT need to do so again.  Confirmation form links for buildings are below:

Park Hill:  Link

ESE: Link

Fremont Link

Minoa: Link

Woodland: Link

Pine Grove: Link

Central High School: Link