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Videos & Materials by ESM Staff/Administrators

This page has 3 types of videos/links to materials:
ESm Counselors
ESM Counselor Offers Tips to Help Students Cope:
Target: Elementary
Counselor Janel Herrington
News Channel 9 interviewed Fremont Elementary Counselor Janel Herrington about helping students cope during the State of Emergency. See Janel's interview.

Lesson on Calming Down Strong Feelings
Target: Elementary
Counselor Shelly Chizzonite
Mrs. Chizzonite is a collaborator in all of the K classrooms for Second Step. She posts a video every Monday morning. The video on calming down strong feelings includes use of a “calm down” poster.

Strengthening a Community Through Hearts
Target: Elementary
Counselor: Janel Herrington
Fremont students showed compassion by staying home and staying safe and by making hearts. They wrote job professions and names on their hearts as a tribute to others who show compassion in the community. Here is a presentation to make and display your own heart.

Lesson on the senses:
Target: Elementary
Counselor Shelly Chizzonite 
Description: A quick lesson focusing on the 5 senses.  

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Videos/Links Created by other staff - Fun, Inspirational etc.

Tips for Distance Learning for Parents/Guardians

Basic Etiquette for Students in Distance Learning

CNY Teachers Finding Innovative Ways To Teach Students: Minoa’s Jaime Zimmer was among the teachers interviewed by CNY Central. With schools across CNY closed until May 15, many teachers are finding new and creative ways to educate their students.

ESE Kindergarten Teachers Featured: Our kindergarten teachers at ESE were featured on News Channel 9 kicking off their continuity of learning plan! (FYI this was recorded as we were all getting used to the social distancing).  

ESM Delivering Over 10,000 Meals a Week! About 1,000 youth age 18 and under in our district are receiving free breakfast and lunch during the State of Emergency...that’s 10,000 meals a week! The ESM Transportation Department delivers meals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children get two days' worth of food Tues./Thurs. Making those meals are the Chartwells K-12 Food Service staff. We appreciate their hard work so our children have enough to eat during the State of Emergency. Check out the video giving you a view behind the scenes (this was when we had 800 youth signed up!

Minoa Positivity Project; Students Thank Others: Thank you to the helpers! Minoa students focused on a different group to thank each day in a special way as part of their Positivity Project. It’s a heartwarming video thanking postal carriers, delivery people, truckers, health care workers, nursing home staff families and ESM bus drivers & Chartwells food service staff making and delivering more than 8,000 meals a week to children! 

Minoa Stronger Together Staff “Spell Out” What are Minoa staff spelling in this video? You’ll have to watch to see the positive message they are sharing

We ARE ESE! ESE students and staff sharing photos and video messages on what they like about ESE and how they miss each other. Set to the song I Will Fight for You.

Fremont Family Video: Fremont Staff did a video for students to send them positive messages as part of the “Fremont Family!

Fremont Strong PTO Video: The Fremont PTO collected photos and video from students with messages for staff  

Woodland Staff Create Video: Set to the song “Into the Unknown” from Frozen II, the Woodland staff created a fun video showing they're all here for each other and for their students during this uncertain time in the world!

ESM Varsity Club Message: The ESM Varsity Club created a video featuring positive messages from members of the ESM Varsity Club! Students shared a variety of positive thoughts on maintaining physical and mental well being that apply to many of us...not just student athletes! They also encourage everyone to practice social distancing so they can get back to playing sports.

ESM Spartan News/Morning Show! ESM Spartan News at the high school has continued to create a morning show every weekday during the state of emergency/continuum of learning. Watch some of the videos or subscribe to the channel to keep up to date! 

ESE Special Area Video: Special area teachers at ESE created a video from student submissions! What makes you hopeful? What do you look forward to when you come back to school? What song makes you feel hopeful? Check out their answers: 

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Superintendent Media Interviews: 

Superintendents React to Extended School Closure: The learning continues, but Dr. DeSiato and other superintendents spoke to Spectrum News about school buildings being closed until May 15.

Planning for After the Shutdown is Over: Dr. DeSiato spoke with NewsChannel 9 about planning for how we proceed when the state of emergency is over. FYI, this interview a was prior to the NY Pause extension. 

News Channel 9 Distance Learning Interview: Our own Dr. DeSiato joined NewsChannel 9 via Skype last to talk about distance learning. If you missed it, check it out. (3-27-20)

News Channel 9 Spring Break Interview: NewsChannel 9 interviewed Dr. DeSiato Tuesday about the Spring Break postponement. Check out that interview.  

News Channel 9 Food Service & Technology Interview: This is from a previous interview on March 17 when News Channel 9 interviewed Dr. DeSiato about the meal sites and technology. While the ESE site has closed, know that our staff are currently delivering about 800 meals to youth 18 and under in our district and we lent out about 930 Chromebooks!

News Channel 9 Regents & Grading Interview: NewsChannel 9 interviewed Dr. DeSiato Tuesday about the Regents exams being canceled as well as how ESM is going to be doing grading! Check out that interview.

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