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Dental Physical and Health History forms
Dental Physical and Health History forms

When to Keep your Child Home
When to Keep your Child Home


Facts about Head Lice
Facts about Head Lice

Parent Health Handbook
Parent Health Handbook

Helpful hints for kindergarten and new entrants
Helpful hints for kindergarten and new entrants

Medication Forms
Medication Forms

Nut free and Allergy information
Nut free and Allergy information

Whats Going Around?
Whats Going Around?

Minoa Elementary School
501 North Main Street
Minoa, NY 13116-1297
Principal: Gary Gerst
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My Home Page Welcome to Minoa Elementary's Health Office

Angela Smith, RN. BSN.      
Phone Number:  315.434.3421
Email address: 

Fax number: 434.3430


Please call in absences to the Main Office 434-3420 by 8:30 AM, a written note or email is needed to make this a legal absence. 


Please keep your updated email address on file with the school, as for non-emergency concerns will be sent via email.

Health Office Hours 7:30 to 3:00


General information about health services:
The school nurse assesses students for illness, provides first aid, administers medications, provides vision and hearing screenings and coordinates medical eligibility for student's participation in physical education class.

Students are encouraged to see the school nurse when ill and seek first aid in the health office for all school injuries. No student should leave the the school building because of an injury or ill health without first being assessed by the school nurse, receiving permission from their parent/guardian, and signing out through the attendance center.

We require a current parent/guardian phone number on file in the health office in the event we need to contact a parent/guardian for a student illness, injury or an emergency. We ask that a parent/guardian update the emergency contact form that is included in the annual January census mailing and a health information form that is mailed to every student's home each August. Completion of these forms annually will ensure that the most up-to-date information is on file in the Health Office.


Please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse if:

  • Your child will be absent or tardy from school,

  • Your child contracts a contagious disease,

  • There is a change in your child’s medication,

  • Your child is hospitalized,

  • Your child suffers a severe injury,

  • Your child has allergies,

  • Your child will be absent from school for an extended period of time,

  • You change your phone number (home, work, cell) or address,

  • You change your child’s emergency contact person,

  • There is a family situation that may require the attention of the school nurse,

  • Or whenever you have any questions or concerns.


Physical Examinations are required for:

  • Pre-k
  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fifth Grade
  • Seventh Grade
  • Ninth Grade
  • Eleventh Grade
  • Special Education Students – every 3 years
  • All New Entrants

It is recommended that your child's physician provide these well child exams. 

Minoa Health Office
Minoa Elementary
501 N. Main Street
Minoa, NY 13116