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75 face shield frames 3D printed for COVID-19 healthcare workers

HUGE shoutout to our ESM Technology Education Department. Mike Pounds, Dave Ashley, Scott Macomber and others volunteered their time to re-purpose ESM 3D printers to make plastic visor frames and clips used for face shields. When combined with clear polyethylene sheeting to cover the face, the shields will provide Central New York medical workers with PPE (personal protective equipment) to help them more safely fight the COVID-19 virus in patients.
ESM staff delivered the 75 sets of frames & clips to Budmen Industries, which has a collection site on Route 298, right within the ESM boundaries! It took about 2 hours to print each face shield frame...totalling 150 hours for the project. The filament used was personally donated by teachers Mr. Ashley and Mr. Pounds. Their materials will be replaced through Budman.

“We are thankful that ESM was a part of this mission and equally proud to be members of such a caring and dedicated community,” said Mr. Pounds. There are no plans for ESM to print more shields because a local company has stepped up & determined a way to retrofit their business to make 1,000 shields at a time using molds!

Budmen Industries has now created a global network of 3D Face Shield producers willing to help health care organizations in dire need. They are connecting producers directly to the health care workers in geographic regions around the world.