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Districtwide Plans  

Districtwide Plans:

This page includes the District Shared Decision-Making Plan; the Districtwide School Safety Plan (Project SAVE); the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Plans for Principals and for Teachers; the Professional Development Plan (PDP); the District Plan for Students with Disabilities; the Technology Integration & Investment Plan; and the Elementary School Response to Intervention (RtI) Plan. See below for more information and files.

District Shared Decision-Making Plan: School Based Planning and Shared Decision Making is a process designed to involve representatives from all stakeholder groups in significant decisions about their schools.  As required by Section 100.11 of the Education Commissioner’s Regulations, the Board of Education was required to develop and adopt a district plan for the participation by professional staff and parents with administrators and school board members in school-based planning and shared decision making.


Districtwide School Safety Plan: The purpose of this plan is to provide a coordinated interagency response to critical incidents occurring in the East Syracuse Minoa School District.  


Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Plans for Principals and Teachers:  These APPR Plans are intended to improve the quality of instruction in our schools and, in turn, improve student performance and college-and career-readiness. APPR aims to provide standardized, objective evaluation results, which can be used to better focus professional development for teachers and principals.


Professional Development Plan (PDP):  The PDP is a coordinated approach with our District Strategic Plan and APPR Plans to improve student achievement through supporting our Professional staff.


District Plan for Students with Disabilities:  The ESM District Special Education Plan is a programmatic depiction of the special education continuum of services that have been developed and continue to be assessed yearly based on the programmatic needs of the current special education students.


Technology Integration and Investment Plan:   The purpose of the Technology Integration and Investment Plan is to transform the learning process by seamless technology integration, as we continue to support all learners by providing the necessary resources and guidance as we continue the shift from a focus on teaching, to a focus on learning.


Minoa Elementary (LAP) Local Assistance Plan:  Minoa Elementary has been identified as a Local Assistance Plan School for the 2017-18 school year.  The identification is based on the performance of certain groups of students in the school on state assessments and/or the school's participation rate on state assessments.  Local Assistance Plan Schools are required to conduct a Self-Reflection, which provides school-based teams with the opportunity to reflection the practices that exist within the school in preparation for identifying the appropriate next steps for the school.  The results of this Self-Reflection have been reviewed by the school and the district, and have been used to create this plan to improve the school's academic performance and/or participation rate.


Elementary School Response to Intervention (RtI) Plan:  The Response to Intervention framework provides guidance to identify students who may be at-risk for achieving the New York State Learning Standards, and structures the planning and implementation of supplemental interventions targeted to the student's learning needs.  Through research-based instruction and intervention, educators can increase the likelihood that more students will be successful.

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