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Mrs. Shatrau
Mrs. Shatrau

AP Calculus
AP Calculus

Geometry Common Core 10R
Geometry Common Core 10R

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ESM Central High School
6400 Fremont Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057-9409
Principal: Grenardo L. Avellino (Executive Principal)
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Mrs. Shatrau Geometry and Calculus

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supplies needed for 2016-2017....


Geometry  Common Core 10R                            AP Calculus

pencils                                          pencils

graph paper                                      graphing calculator

graphing calculator                              3-ring binder (2 inches)

3-ring binder (2 inches)                                           spiral bound index cards

loose leaf paper                                 loose leaf paper

tab dividers (optional)                          tab dividers (optional)


Compass (**school store $3)                              

** good quality compasses can be bought at ESM school store for $3; I caution against buying the $1 in the stores-they break very easily; you could also try to buy a used one from a junior as they won't need it in Math 11R

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Mrs. Shatrau..... Math