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Board of Education

Members: The ESM Board of Education is made up of nine members, each elected by the public to serve a four-year term. Terms are overlapping to ensure continuity of leadership. Board members serve without pay.The Board has authority over local school matters subject only to limitations imposed by state law and regulations of the Commissioner of Education. Click here for a list of Board members and their terms

 The Board conducts all official business at open meetings. The public has the right to attend all such meetings. Matters of a sensitive nature involving litigation, personnel or students may be discussed in private session. The Board meets on a rotating basis in each of the school buildings. Click here for a list of upcoming dates/locations.
 They are also printed in the ESM Bulletin, which is the District newsletter.The Agenda for upcoming Board of Education meetings is posted prior to each meeting. Click here to see if there is an upcoming agenda available at this time.

 Board of Education Minutes are posted on the website after they are approved by the Board of Education (Click Here for posted minutes). Official copies of Board of Education Minutes are available from the Business Office. 

The areas of Board action include:
  • exercising educational leadership and drafting policies for the operation of the local schools;
  • employing a Superintendent of Schools and authorizing the appointment of teachers and other staff members;
  • approving educational standards and goals as well as approving curriculum changes and innovations;
  • securing money for school operations and building programs and authorizing specific expenditures;
  • expressing and representing the views of the community in matters affecting education; and
  • interpreting the educational program and community needs.

Policy Manual:
 One responsibility of the Board of Education is to develop the policies that govern all aspects of the school district. Click here to visit the Policy Manual page

Speaking at a Board Meeting: A specific portion of each Board agenda, known as the 15-minute period, provides attendees the privilege of the floor.

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